Askoll was founded by Elio Marioni in 1978 and eventually ventured into the electric vehicle market in the year of 2014. Taking on this market would be a brand new, exciting challenge – that’s when Askoll EVA was established. Shortly after in 2016, Askoll was launched in France which resulted in a flagship store to open its doors in Paris. Meanwhile in the same year, eS1 was named the best-selling electric scooter in all of Italy. A year later, Askoll continues to grow across Europe as well as the eS pro distribution. By the end of 2017, 3,000+ electric vehicles had already been produced. As time continued to pass, by 2018, Askoll expands its distribution network further to strengthen its presence in 20+ countries worldwide.


With 800 registered patents on their products, all the Askoll electric vehicles are manufactured and tested onsite. These sustainable vehicles have an Italian spirit as well as rich quality and design.

They’re packed with power and are guilt-free: these electric vehicles contain zero carbon dioxide emissions and their power is produced by renewable and non-renewable sources with CO2 emissions. Askoll electric scooters generate 0 g/km when reviving energy from renewable sources and just 7.2 g/km of carbon dioxide in the case of regeneration from non-renewable sources. When you compare, an endothermic moped generates 72 g/km of carbon dioxide!

Europe currently has 11 million mopeds and scooters on the road; if these were to be all electric, CO2 production would decrease by 2 million + tonnes per year.

Askoll’s vision is a world where technology changes lives for the better; making the environment a finer place with lesser congestions and less noise pollution.

Our electric scooters which are available are NGS, eS and eS pro line; these will save you costs on fuel, maintenance and road tax. You will also be able to benefit from government grants which will mean you will spend less on the scooter itself. These will even provide you with further freedom as you’ll be able to go to locations you never have before, such as restricted traffic areas.

Our Askoll Range.

From €750 (gov. grant reduced)
From €1,621.42 (gov. grant reduced)
From €750 (gov. grant reduced)
Starting from €1,163*
Starting from €1,163*
Starting from €1,163*

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