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CTYRYD was established in 2021 and makes part of the Motors Inc brands’ portfolio. If you’re looking for the perfect, enviromentally-friendly drive; CTYRYD’s got it all under one roof. The CTYRYD range includes eBikes, eSkates, eScooter and eKickScooters from the brand Askoll. These electric vehicles were designed in Italy, with sustainabilty in mind. With zero emissions of carbon dioxide, these electric models will still give you the power you need on the road without harming the environment. This way you’ll be transforming your life to the better, without having to sacrifice high-technology and style!

What’s more? You will even save money on fuel, no efforts needed for parking, minimum to none maintenance needed and you’ll be zapping away from traffic congestions. Whatever age group you might fall under or preferences you might have – with the large selection we carry – there’s something for everybody! They can be used for both personal use, sharing, as well as for professional work. For instance, if you’re after delivery service, the Askoll eS pro range can become vital part of your business. Drive at ease as no road or destination’s impossible with CTYRYD.

On another note, charging is a very quick process and you can do it pretty much anywhere you desire. Our electric vehicles will either come with a removable, chargeable battery or an integrated battery (connected to a power socket) and can fully charge from as little as 2 hours, up to 7.5 hours (varies with each model). Visit our showroom at Motors Inc, Mdina road, Qormi and we assure you, we will re-invent your urban lifestyle.

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