Student Green Fund

KSU joins the Ryd!

Save €700 on Electric Motorbikes

Are you headed to work, school or going to the mall? Regardless, our electric motorbikes will be right there when you need them. Which is the one for you?


Get €450 on Pedelec Bikes

These electric bikes will make you want to discover the city for days on end! With such a unique yet reliable design, what’s not to love? Just plug, charge, and off you go. It’ll take you wherever your heart desires as with a touch of a button, you can control anything.

Receive €300 on Kick Scooters

 The city is on your doorstep, just simply get on and go. 


...and there is more

Receive €100 on Helmets

Stay safe & stylish while driving, with high build quality helmets.
Being safe has never been so cool!

An additional Government Grant of €2,000 will apply on new purchases. Customer can also benefit of an optional grant of up to a maximum of €1,000 with the scrappage scheme.

KSU Terms & Conditions apply.

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